Learn How To Live Like A Health Guru

Many experts in health - commonly called "the gurus," have graced Planet Earth over the millennia, all with a similar message of love each other, breathe and be happy. 

It goes without saying that most of us know that deep down, this philosophy works.


On a practical level, being happy takes practice.


Most of us aren't born as enlightened masters of the universe. Without practicing love, patience, and generosity, we can get caught up in our struggles, think "oh poor me" or get all up on our high horse and think "I'm so hot right now", either way, we're just telling ourselves stories that we're making up. As we continue telling ourselves these stories, the power of our thoughts grows, and then soon enough we're creating our view of world in a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy.

We can put in work to understand health and happiness at its core - and work everyday to create this for ourselves and the world around us.

Living each moment with mindful attention is like walking on the moon, it's one small step towards something much, much greater that may be beyond our horizon of understanding - the realm of complete bliss and serenity, unshakeable by temporary inconvenience. Nirvana, Enlightenment, Self-Realization, call it what you like, it is perhaps the only reason why "the gurus" teach anything at all.

For the sake of being practical in this guide, "being healthy and appreciating each moment" is a modern interpretation of enlightenment. (The Buddha might say it's just a matter of how deep you can go.)

The big idea here is that you can learn how to enlighten yourself (especially with the help of a teacher). In fact, you are the only person who can enlighten yourself - only you can take responsibility for the outcome of your life. Gurus, teachers, friends, family, books, exercise, superfoods, psychedelics, crystals, ceremonies and philosophies can help you and support you when you ask for it and you need it, and it's your choice to be open to your own ability to continually transform and adapt to the world around you - free of fear and worry, being "at home in your heart."

The nature of reality is change, so if you need something to change, allow it to change. If you want something to stay the same, appreciate what you enjoy about it. Gratitude is the continuing force in the universe - the more you give thanks, the more you receive. Instead of being this far away thing that only certain chosen ones can attain, enlightenment is for everyone.

The next section focuses on how can we can learn to create a life of abundance, peace and joy.


Simply put, we can let go of everything we think we know and go into each moment with pure awareness, trusting ourselves to make the best decision. If doing this sounds hard or complicated or over-simplified, that's ok. It's an idea to consider.


Here are six practices to live like a Guru:

- learning how to set "smart" goals

- learning how to visualize success and meditate

- learning how to enjoy daily exercise 

- learning how to eat simple for optimal nutrition

- learning how to set up your bedroom for restful sleep and lucid dreams

- learning how to declutter and simplify your home


With all of these practices, you will get the greatest results when you practice regularly.  You are here to experience life, in a way that is unique to you. Remember to enjoy the ride!



About Peter Fettis (peter@h2ohuman.com)

As a Registered Yoga Teacher and and Certified Personal Trainer, Peter practices optimizing human potential as a way of life. His latest book How to Eat Well and Love Yourself dives into the practical principles of mindfulness and plant-based nutrition to give you a taste of the abundant harvest from the mind's inner garden of awareness. Peter’s vision with H2O Human is to make waves in the current culture by rallying the wider public to recognize their inner healing power using a proactive, gentle approach.

Peter Fettis